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Our Services

What we do

Our Services

Our organization can come up with a localized and business re-engineered model which is guaranteed to give you an efficient, effective and successful business operationally. Based on the scope and objective of your project or business, we will provide you with proven expert service and coordination from initial planning to market access requirements. We do this through:

Locals & Associates Co. Ltd


How we Work

We will assist you get an insight in your cost of sustainable production and formulate ways to optimally use inputs and other factors of production whilst reducing your impact on the environment and providing better climate change adaptation.

An example of our service is starting a farm together with a partner/investor and that could be small scale or large-scale farmers. The farm will produce vegetables/ flowers for local or export consumption, operate within sustainable standards thus develop a corporate social responsibility aspect.

  • We will develop policies, procedures, and forms/records to validate the system.
  • We will train all the relevant staff/workers and of course our partners in growing practices and management skills.