Who We Are

Locals & Associates Co. Ltd takes pride in having excellent experience in diverse socio-ethical and environmental sustainability fields. We understand the business needs and challenges of our clients and have the expertise and experience to help our clients meet these needs and solutions to their challenges.

What we do

We simplify our expertise and experience and above all, gain insight into the challenges, experience, and efforts of our clients to offer them be-spoke value-added services and products that meet set and expected specifications.

How We Work

We provide technical solutions and relevant compliance criteria that leverage our clients’ operational efficiencies. We support our clients through a step-by-step approach to achieving operational efficiencies, socio-ethical and environmental compliance/certification and visible impact on the much needed standards

Core Values

Our Guiding Principles


Honesty and having an ethical culture that permeates your entire organizational ecosystem in all our ventures is our moral principle.


Our level of performance ensures we achieve the highest output.


We endeavour to always be successful in producing the desired results in a timely manner.


Our judgments are free from discrimination or dishonesty so that the process of decision-making is fair.


We offer quick and positive response to all our customers.

Our Team

Our Amazing Team

We have performance-focused and resourceful professionals with 100+ combined experience of providing technical expertise in Agri-business, General Safety and Environmental Sustainability standards. Majority of the professionals have implemented 1st party audit (internal audits/mock audits/gap analysis), 2nd party audits (due diligence assessments/audits) and 3rd party audits (independent audit/assessment contracting) alongside solid experience working as freelance international auditors in over 20 countries world-wide, trainers and consultants in the agribusiness supply and value chain to better improve performance and achieve business sustainability.